FAQs - Enabling Or Disabling Your Vehicle
How do I enable my vehicle?
Simply login with the same process as you did with "Disable Starter" and click the "Enable Starter" button.
Do I need to have my vehicle in park in order for the disable feature to work?
No, you can send a disable command to your vehicle while it is in motion, however for safety reasons, the vehicle will not actually disable itself until the vehicle is turned off.
Will the disable function cause any damage to my car?
How do I disable my vehicle?
Upon receiving the theft notification message, you can choose to remotely disable the vehicle, preventing it from being re-started once turned off. Please note that the vehicle will not be disabled while in motion. Login under your unique login and password which will bring you to the "Welcome Page, select the "Map It" button on the Web page bringing you to the vehicle control page, now select the "Commands" navigation bar on the left of the page, then select "Disable Starter"

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