FAQs - Locating Your Vehicle
I clicked the locate button and it searched but didn't give a new position on my vehicle?
There is a remote possibility that atmospheric or environmental conditions could interfere with the locating process. We recommend waiting a minute or two before trying this feature again.
Why did the locate feature not pinpoint my vehicle's exact location?
The GPS satellites use a triangulation system, utilizing multiple satellites to get an exact position. If your vehicle is in an area (ex: underground or next to a steep hill) that partially blocks one or more of those satellites, the system will find it within a few hundred feet of its actual location.
How do I use the Website to locate my vehicle?
Login under your unique login and password which will bring you to the "Welcome Page, select the "Map It" button on the Web page bringing you to the vehicle control page, now select the "Commands" navigation bar on the left of the page, then select "Request Locate".

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