FAQ's - System Operation
What is the Mobiletrace coverage area?
Some vehicle recovery products use radio-frequency (RF) technology, which is limited to coverage in major metropolitan areas. Mobiletrace utilizes a nationwide cellular network and the same Global Positioning System that the government uses to power its tracking and location functionality. All of this allows you to locate your vehicle in non-emergency situations and provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that virtually anywhere your vehicle may be located, your Mobiletrace unit will be able to transmit its location information.
How does Mobiletrace work, Is it always on?
Mobiletrace utilizes best of breed technologies, coupled with the patented SMS Express nationwide digital wireless network and GPS satellites to operate in conjunction with your vehicle's electrical system. The Mobiletrace unit is powered by your vehicle's battery. Mobiletrace is always in the receiving mode, ready to respond to a command from you. If your vehicle is stolen simply login to the secure site with your unique Login Name & Password and click the LOCATE NOW button from the Current Location page to send an immediate locate request to the vehicle.

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