FAQs - Website Operation
How do I use the Website to locate my vehicle?
Login under your unique login and password which will bring you to the "Welcome Page, select the "Map It" button on the Web page bringing you to the vehicle control page, now select the "Commands" navigation bar on the left of the page, then select "Request Locate".
What if I forget my login and password?
Click the "forgot password" icon on the login page. It will ask you to input the e-mail address you used when you filled out your account information. Once you have sent the request, your login and password will be mailed to that address.
How do I access my account on the Website?
When you are at the dealer or installation provider, they handle the initial setup of your account and testing of your unit. Proceeding the installation you will need to call (888) 217-2456 to activate your unit . Upon the activation of your unit a Login ID and Passcode will be e-mailed to you or it will be provided by the activation assistant, if you do not have internet accessibility first thing you should do is access your account, complete your personal information, and CHANGE YOUR LOGIN and PASSWORD for security purposes.

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