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There's no hiding from MobileTrace...

A thief who attempts to escape law enforcement by driving to a pre-determined, hard-to-find or remote area is simply out of luck. No location is too remote for MobileTrace. Operational across the country, everywhere and anywhere your vehicle goes, MobileTrace uses the most extensive digital wireless data network in the Western Hemisphere to track and report your vehicle's location. Whether your car is headed around the block or three states away you have confidence knowing that MobileTrace is tracking your vehicle's every mile and providing you with the information you need to secure its fast recovery.
On Demand Locates

On Demand LocatesLocate your vehicle anytime, anywhere.

Even when you know who's driving your car, situations can arise when you wish you knew where it was. Perhaps your teenage child is missing past curfew, or your elderly parent has borrowed your car but isn't sure of directions to an appointment. When you're concerned about the whereabouts or safety of your car's driver, Mobiletrace can help. With On-Demand Locates, you can logon to the Mobiletrace site and find the specific street address of your car's location. That can put your mind at ease, and you in control of the situation-whether you choose to make a cell phone call and guide your mom to her destination, or disable your vehicle and summon the police.
Early Theft Warning Alerts

Early Theft Warning AlertsIs your car is driving away without you?

Mobiletrace will tell you... Even when you're hard at work at the office, shopping at the mall or on vacation, you'll receive a message via email, cell, text message, or pager that your Mobiletrace alarm has been triggered. This early-warning theft notification gives you an opportunity to assess the situation quickly, did you let someone borrow your keys? Leave the keys with a parking attendant? Or is your vehicle being stolen? If your car is started, Mobiletrace alerts you again to let you know that the ignition has been engaged. With Mobiletrace Early Theft notification feature, you have early-warning information that can alert you when your car is driving away with someone else in the driver's seat.

Speed Notifications Alert

Speed Notifications AlertHey...Lighten Up on the Pedal!

It's one thing to loan your car to a friend or your teen driver for the day. It's quite another if that driver is heavy footed on the gas, risking an accident or speeding ticket. Mobiletrace tells you when your vehicle exceeds a pre-set speed, no matter who is behind the wheel or where they're headed. Because Mobiletrace can detect and notify you of your vehicle's speed by email, text message, or pager, you can take steps to let the driver know of their excess speed and the potential risk to your vehicle and its occupants. This gives you more control over your vehicle even when you're not driving it.
No Monthly Service Fees

No Monthly Service Fees We don't leave you hanging, ever.

Imagine finding out your car is missing and placing a phone call to your car security system provider only to find out your service has been interrupted because your payment is late. This happens with other providers, since they rely on monthly fees to provide your service. Rest assured, there are no recurring fees with Mobiletrace - no monthly fees that stress your pocketbook and leave you unprotected and out of luck if your bill is late or lost along the way. With Mobiletrace , what you buy is what you get. You won't receive follow-on bills by mail each month or be pestered by phone regarding late payments. Instead, you set up your account online, and we're there when you need us. Our goal is to continuously protect your vehicle.

Insurance Discounts

Discounts you can't afford to be without...

Do you think that a vehicle tracking and recovery system is too expensive for your budget? Think again... Vehicle theft is a costly crime, in fact it costs U.S. consumers more than $8 billion each year. Because most skilled chop shop operators can surgically strip a car in less than 30 minutes, the sooner stolen vehicles are recovered, the less cost incurred. That's why many states now offer substantial discounts for anti-theft vehicle recovery products. You may be able to lower your insurance by as much as 35 percent on the comprehensive portion of your insurance with MobileTrace, which means that your investment pays for itself over time. Your insurance agent can tell you the precise discount you can receive.

User-Friendly Web Interface

User-Friendly Web Interface It's all online!

Our dashboard is your dashboard with Mobiletrace. From receiving early theft notifications, to locating the street-level location for your vehicle, unlocking the doors or remotely disabling it, you are in control using the powerful, easy-to-use Web interface. Want to know how fast your vehicle is traveling, where it has been and where it's headed? By logging on to the secured site with the user-designated ID and Password, you can view all of this information plus you can prevent your vehicle from being moved from its present location. All with a click of the mouse. You can also manage your account online, purchase additional locates, configure your preferred notification options, and view recent location and notification histories.

Mobiletrace is Transferable

Your Mobiletrace is Transferable You bought it. You own it...

With other vehicle security systems, you may be locked in to specific contract periods or payment plans, which make it confusing when you decide to purchase a new car...Not with Mobiletrace. Because you purchased the device, you decide what to do when its time to buy a new vehicle. You can sell Mobiletrace with your current vehicle, or have the dealer uninstall and reinstall it on your new vehicle. The decision is yours, the results are yours, the value and protection are yours. There is no monthly service to transfer, no bills to cancel. With Mobiletrace, what you buy is what you get.

More features. More flexibility. More power in your hands.
Theft Protection Made Simple

Theft ProtectionAuto theft occurs about every 26 seconds...

Could you become a victim? The answer is yes...Luxury automobiles have always been a target for theft. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Crime Statistics 2006 states that over 1.2 million vehicles were reported stolen. This means a car is stolen every 26.2 seconds! The cost results are a staggering $7.6 billion in estimated value of stolen vehicles.When it’s time to protect your car - and its contents - Protect your vehicle with MobileTrace®, the premier GPS tracking solution for stolen vehicle recovery and early theft detection and notification.

Get MobileTrace, WE’LL GET IT BACK! It's Guaranteed!

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