Teen Driver Safety

MobileTrace can monitor speed, distance from home, curfew, and locate your teen from your computer

The automobile is the number one killer of teenagers in the United States. Most accidents caused by teenagers are the result of careless driving or lack of experience.

We recognize the inherent danger that teen aged drivers face when they first get behind the wheel. Their inexperience could lead to very unfortunate consequences.

MobileTrace has a plan that can greatly enhance your teenagers safety. Through the combination of monitoring and a safe driving contract, MobileTrace RI aims to keep teen drivers safe.

We believe that it is a privilege for a teen to be able to drive their parent's car and the rules put in place by the parents need to be respected. MobileTrace allows you to monitor the location and speed of your vehicle.

Statistically there are some factors that parents and teens need to educate themselves on with the relationship of safe driving.

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Teen Passengers
  • Others Driving Your Car
  • Speed
  • Driver Error
  • Bad weather
  • Curfew / Nighttime Driving
  • Seatbelts
  • Cell Phones / Text Messaging
  • Road Types
  • Distance From Home

Because these above factors are so important MobileTrace RI believes that a parent and teen driver need to commit to safe driving with a Parent / Teen Safe Driving Contract.

This contract should be the starting point to a graduated step process so as when the teen becomes more knowledgeable and confident and mature more privileges should be granted.

Click Here to Download the Contract (pdf)

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